The Biomass Reduction and Environmental Air Towards Health Effects in Africa – (BREATHE Africa) partnership will:

·         Establish a partnership to bring together African researchers, both leaders and trainees, together with experts in all key aspects of household air pollution (HAP) research

·         Maximise the opportunities presented by ongoing HAP trials, both for measured health impact in all ages, capacity development in health related research and policy change in most affected countries

·         Hold Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM) and interim Theme Programmes including mentored trainee projects and trial site collaborations

What We've Achieved

  • Published 19 BREATHE related publications
  • Brought the PATS MECOR 2016 programme to Malawi
  • Extended the 2016 spirometry training to include Paediatrics at the College of Medicine in Malawi
  • Supported Healthy Lungs for Life (HLFL) to deliver a one day Asthma workshop and an outreach community event in Chikhwawa Karalo Village during the PATS MECOR 2016 programme
  • Published Lancet Respiratory Medicine Commission on Household Air Pollution in September 2014
  • Held 2014 PATS MECOR and BREATHE ASM, training 40+ African clinicians in research skills and spirometer use
  • 4 BREATHE PhD research studies now up and running
  • Expanded 2015 PATS MECOR programme to include training in use of air monitoring equipment and to increase the number of trainees taught research skills and spirometer use
  • Brought together BREATHE theme leads and other experts at the 2015 BREATHE ASM